Dash of Salterrae Salt of the earth home schooling and making


Hi! I’m Stacie!

If you come to my house, you will step across a welcome mat reading “Yay You’re Here”. Upon entering you will immediately notice pictures of my kids slathered across the wall to your right, a spacious and inviting dining room to your left, and beyond that a schoolroom with kid’s artwork covering the walls. If you venture further into my abode, you’d find overflowing bookshelves in just about every room, and if you look carefully you could potentially see notebooks and pens hidden here and there as evidence of another attempt at writing a novel. At some point in your visit, I might dive into an interesting story about something historical, that is, if my kids haven’t interrupted the conversation by asking you to read to them (they do it to everyone). You could have as much coffee, tea, or Dr. Pepper as you want. If you don’t cut me off I will keep you up past midnight in conversation. Most importantly, you wouldn’t leave hungry.

That just about sums up the things I enjoy most in my life: My kids. Homeschooling. Reading. Writing. History. Feeding people. Hospitality.

I live in North Carolina, but originally I grew up in Chicago. I attended public school, and now I homeschool. I have a BA in History, and someday I would like to teach naturalization courses to assist new immigrants in achieving citizenship. More immediately I hope to publish a novel – my dream.

For now, my top priority is raising children to be the salt of the earth and a light to the world.